Fuels become more expensive on Monday

sand this week fuel prices have risen sharply, next week the scenario should not be different. In fact, industry sources are pointing to an even steeper increase on Monday for both diesel and gasoline.

As indicated by CIS Newsone is expected diesel price increase of 25 cents per liter and gasoline price increase of 15 cents per liter. These figures have since been confirmed by the Up-to-the-minute news with a source from the sector, who explained that these increases would be made with current prices and already taking into account the discount on the Tax on Petroleum Products (ISP) announced by the Government.

already the Renaissance notes that increases are expected to be 12 cents in the case of petrol and 18 cents in the case of diesel, also citing industry sources.

If these increases are confirmed, it should be noted that they follow the sharp rise in prices at the start of the week. Diesel increased by more than 14 cents, while gasoline increased by more than eight cents, which puts the average price of simple gasoline 95, in the national territory, at almost two euros per liter.

at the end of last weekthe secretary general of the Portuguese Association of Petroleum Companies (Apetro) said he had no recollection of such a “sharp rise” in fuel prices.

Government announces new measures

The Secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs, António Mendonça Mendes, said tuesday that the State does not earn money with fuel and that it has already given up 38 million euros with the measures that have been taken previously to mitigate the impact of the price increase.

In addition, the Prime Minister, António Costa, announced that the Government will reduce in PSI the increase in tax revenue it obtains thanks to the VAT applied to fuelswhich will come into effect next Friday.

The compensation of the increase in VAT receipts for an equal reduction in the ISP will only take effect if the price of fuels increases by more than five cents, according to calculations by BA&N research units.

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