Google announces feature that frees up 60% of app space

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O google announced, this Wednesday (9), that he was working on a tool for reduce the space occupied by applications by up to 60%. The feature will be called “Archiving” and will remove parts of the software rather than completely uninstalling it from a device.

Lidia Gaymond and Vicki Amin, product managers at google playexplained on this subject in a publication of the Android Developer Blog. According to them, the feature is thought out because most users end up having to uninstall multiple apps to free up space in their smartphone’s memory.

“Instead of uninstalling an app, users will be able to ‘archive’ it, which temporarily frees up space and then reactivates the app quickly and easily,” Gaymond and Amin explain.


At this time, the tool is available only to developers of android. Google says developers will benefit from fewer uninstalls and fewer issues resuming favorite shows.

Archiving is being released alongside Bundletool 1.10, which will be the “first step in making archiving available to all developers using App Bundles,” Google said.

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