Mozilla Firefox 98 gets promotional Disney wallpapers on Android

Mozilla has teamed up with Disney to promote new “Red: Growing Up Is a Beast” animation in the browser firefox. Browser users can use exclusive movie wallpapers in tabs and as part of the theme on desktop and on Android, which is getting Firefox version 98 today – and critical vulnerability fixes.

Firefox is about the only browser not based on Google’s Chrome rendering engine, but part of its revenue relies on the fees Search Giant pays to be the browser’s default search site. Mozilla has worked to diversify its revenue with paid services like VPN and Pocket.

The latest version of Firefox provides access to a total of five wallpapers for the new tab page, three of them consisting of abstract colors and two of them featuring backgrounds from the aforementioned Disney title.

You can choose between roles by tapping the Firefox logo or clicking the three-dot menu next to the address bar, then selecting “Customize Home.”

Using the new wallpapers is completely optional. For now, the novelty is only available for US users, and other options will be available internationally in the coming months.

Firefox 98 will also allow users to clear cookies and website data for individual domains, preventing widespread loss of login status. Additionally, the browser will no longer show duplicate items in your browsing history and the performance of the login page has been improved.

In Firefox 98 dark mode, tabs now have a dark border instead of a light border, blending better with the rest of the theme. There are also some bugfixes. The new update is now available for download.

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