Returnal will have a cooperative campaign with the Ascension update

Housemarque took advantage of State of Play this Wednesday (09) to announce Back: Ascent. Selene Saga Free Update Will Be Available On March 22, 2022. In addition to a co-op campaign, a survival mode will be part of the package.

The update will add a new area in Atropos where players will have to progress level after level in the Tower of Sisyphus – unavailable for co-op mode. As they progress, the challenge will become even more dangerous with more powerful enemies on each floor.

Check out the Returnal: Ascension trailer below:

To explore Atropos and its biomes accompanied by another astronaut, players will need to access the Cronose Portal, near the ship’s collision site. It will be possible to join a public session or invite a friend to help you – and thus you will have two Selenes in one place.

Housemarque (via PS-Blog) explained how the cooperation will work:

  • Players cannot be too far from each other, the game will try to reunite them;
  • If one of the Selenes is downed, it will be possible to revive it — but it will take some time;
  • Story progress will be tied to the host, but “Helpers” will keep some of the progress with collected xenoglyphs and records in their account;

Sisyphus’ Tower will be Returnal’s “infinite mode”

Housemarque cited its arcade roots when introducing Returnal’s Sisyphus Tower. There, it will be an “infinite world” because the challenge will have no end. According to the developer, the intention is to know how far players can go before succumbing:

True to our arcade roots, Sisyphus’ Tower is, in short, our Endless mode. Players will strive to climb the tower as high as possible. However, much like the tragic tale of Sisyphus, there is no end to the ascension, and players are tragically doomed to meet their end as the mode grows increasingly difficult. The question is, how far can you go before you succumb?

The mode will not support player co-op, but a leaderboard to challenge who has gone the furthest in climbing the Tower will be made available. To improve, in addition to the bosses, new narrative content awaits the brave. Will you face it?

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