Square Enix showed many new games and none of them were Final Fantasy XVI

At Sony’s State of Play presentation in March, Square Enix debuted two new games, showed off gameplay trailers for two more, and completely ignored the two games most people were expecting.

Ahead of its March 15 release, Stranger from Paradise Final Fantasy Origin gets its third and final demo. The long-titled unfathomable game (which has been shortened to an equally unwieldy game) SOPFFO) is an action RPG created in collaboration with nioh Team Ninja developer. SOPFFO is a darker and bloodier reimagining of the first final fantasy game from the perspective of the villain, Garland. The dark and obsessed protagonist with the chaos of the game and its use of Frank Sinatra’s 1969 hit “My Way to have wanted SOPFFO for final fantasy stubborn greedy for other quirks the game contains. During the State of Play presentation, Square Enix revealed previews of new work that Garland can learn from and announced the new demo which is available now.

Square Enix also showed off new gameplay from Renegade, the isekai RPG developed by Luminous Productions. In the game’s trailer, Frey takes on several villains wearing his talking power bracelet and turbocharged sneakers that give him a cool parkour-style double jump. Renegade was delayed five months from its May 23 release date, citing the need to “focus all our efforts on polishing the game.” Premiere October 11.

Hot on the heels of Triangle strategySquare Enix has launched another tactical RPG High Fantasy Warfare Three Nations The Chronicle of DioCampo. Billed as a real-time tactical combat strategy game, The Chronicle of DioCampo has character designers from Final Fantasy XII and XIII and sound design game of thrones composer Ramin Djawadi. Although no specific release date has been announced, The Chronicle of DioCampo should be released later this year.

Sony closed its presentation with another new game from Square Enix — Valkyrie Elysee. This is the newest entry in the Valkyrie series that debuted on PlayStation 22 years ago with Profile of Valkyrie. It’s an action RPG set in a fantasy world where Ragnarok looms. How? ‘Or’ What The Chronicle of DioCampoValkyrie Elysium is also set to release in 2022.

Surprisingly (or perhaps not so surprisingly) Square Enix’s share of this inventory, with a stated focus on games developed in Japan, does not have present news about Final Fantasy VII Remake 2 Where Final Fantasy XVI — the two most anticipated games from the developer. Square Enix just released FFVIIRSide Story DLC intergrade back in June of last year, so maybe he needs more breathing space before releasing any news on the remake’s second entry. But the final fantasy developers said more news about XVI would be close in spring 2022which is technically now.

Spring won’t officially start for 11 days in the Northern Hemisphere, so we may have to wait until then.

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