Uber raises prices in Greater Lisbon. Traveling will cost more, see the new price list – Economy

The fare update is transversal to all the services of the platform and increases the values ​​of the minimum fare (the amount charged to passengers regardless of the distance of the trip), the base fare, the fare per kilometer and the fare per kilometer. kilometer

At UberX, the low-cost modality of the platform, for example, the minimum fare goes from 2.50 euros to 3.25 euros, as in the UberX Saver, Uber Green and Uber Assist modalities.

Uber justifies this update by “increasing demand”, but also “so that more drivers find an economic opportunity in this activity”.

This increase applies indefinitely and, at this time, there is no set date for price changes in other cities.

According to the platform, “this change will have an impact in particular on short journeys”.

Check rate changes:

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