Vítor Pereira salary freeze at Corinthians


The reason for the salary freeze for Vítor Pereira and the rest of the technical team concerns the variation in the euro exchange rate

According to Gazeta Esportiva, the salary of the entire technical team of Vítor Pereira, including himself, has been frozen by Corinthians, as a preventive measure for the finances of the club, due to the variation in the exchange rate of the euro.

The Brazilian press reveals that at the time of hiring the Portuguese coach, the currency used to define the negotiations was the euro, which on February 23 was worth 5.67 reais and also believes that the technical team of Pereira together earn 300 thousand euros per month, which is equivalent to 1.8 million reais.

With the freeze, the club intends to set a value regarding the salary of the technical staff, thus avoiding additional expenses in a scenario where the appreciation of the euro increases exponentially.

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