Autovoucher continues until “fuels stabilize”

Whoever fills up with 50 liters from Monday receives aid for a total amount of €24.25, calculates the Secretary of State for Tax Affairs.

António Mendonça Mendes guaranteed in a press conference this Friday that the “Autovoucher will remain until the fuel situation stabilizes”, being periodically evaluated “the time and size of the program”.

Last week, more than 100,000 new contributors signed up for the Autovoucher program, out of a total of 420,000 new users and a universe of “more than two million citizens”.

It is thanks to this aid, which has increased to €20 this month, that “the taxpayer who delivers 50 liters from Monday will have a total of €24.25 in aid”, calculated the Secretary of State. to Tax Affairs. The remaining €2.5 correspond to the carbon tax which has not increased in 2022 and €1.75 to the reduction in the Tax on Petroleum Products (ISP) which combines the reduction in force since October 2021 with the calculated reduction from the tax increase. revenue from rising fuel prices.

The official assumed that gasoline will increase by 11 cents and diesel by 16 cents, next Monday, to demonstrate the calculations that result from the yield of 0.024 euro for diesel and 0.017 euro for gasoline.

The order with the formula for calculating the new aid which restores the VAT increase resulting from the increase in fuel to the equivalent reduction of the FAI should be “published today and come into force on Monday”. The starting prices for the calculations will be those of this week, Mendonça Mendes said, based on the average fuel prices of the previous week, published on Tuesday by the General Directorate of Energy and Geology.

The Secretary of State did not specify whether, when the European Union gives the green light to the reduction of VAT on fuels, the measures currently in force will be abandoned or may continue. But he commented that “we hope we don’t have to get into a situation where it has to be a cumulative measure”.

“The economic consequences of the war are only beginning to be felt and we must get used to acquiring new habits because life will no longer be the same as the one we had,” warned the minister.

“The government will do everything within the country’s possibilities to mitigate the impact of the increases,” promised Mendonça Mendes.

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