Capcom’s Exoprimal will be a game focused on cooperative multiplayer

The inventory presented last Wednesday evening (9) began with the announcement of a new Capcom IP called Exoprimal. It’s a team-based action game that combines prehistoric threats and near-future technologies. It will focus on cooperative multiplayer and launch in 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam).

In the story, the year is 2040, and the planet is in crisis. Dinosaurs appear out of nowhere and destroy cities all over the world. Threatened by the deadliest creatures in history, the world turns to the mighty Aibius Corporation with its revolutionary technology. The company’s advanced artificial intelligence, called Leviathan, is able to predict where dinosaur invasions will occur and send exo-combatants to the area. Armed with modern combat armor known as Exotrajes, these warriors represent humanity’s last hope.

The game promises to introduce a new co-op based multiplayer experience, but with a competitive edge. In the main game mode, Jurassic Survival, teams battle countless dinosaurs as they race to complete missions before the opposing team in 5v5 matches. There will be a mix of objectives that promises to be dynamic and provide surprises for players, ensuring that each game is different from the last.

Exocombatants must be on the lookout, as hunts can alternate between delivering valuable cargo or desperate last-ditch resistance against relentless onslaught. Rival teams will even have the option of facing their opponents head-on to hinder their progress. As the Exoprimal experience revolves around multiplayer, there will be narrative intersecting the game’s progression. Players can learn more about the game’s world and characters by unlocking story pieces and piecing together the puzzle behind the mysterious dinosaur invasions.

Players will always be outnumbered and must work together against overwhelming odds. Your Exosuits belong to different classes and each plays a specific role in combat. Offensive builds like the Decimator sniper or Zephyr melee fighter are great when it comes to taking out hordes of enemies. In turn, tanks, like the wall and its shield, and support outfits, like the vital healer, help keep the party alive to tell the tale. Each model has its own specific arsenal and special abilities. Players can even change outfits mid-match to suit any situation.

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