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THE sony yesterday announced several new features for players of PlayStation 4 and give PlayStation 5 in another episode of State of playa program that aims to regularly publicize new announcements and certain updates to all fans of PlayStation.

Among the novelties, a highlight is the announcement of an extension to return call ascent. This update, which will arrive on March 22, will include a cooperative mode, which will allow players to venture through the planet of Atropos in company, as well as the Tower of Sisyphus, where each level will end with an encounter with Algos, which will get harder as players progress through the mode.

Also highlighted for forget itwho will reach PlayStation®5 on October 11, and received a new action-packed trailer yesterday, which revealed never-before-seen enemies in a jaw-dropping open world. O meet tells the story of a young New Yorker, Frey, who suddenly finds herself in the cruel and magical land of Athia. Frey tries to get used to the new reality as he explores and roams the beautiful open world of Athia, where corrupt enemies always seem to lurk. Over time, Frey transforms from a lost New Yorker into a confident heroine, who grows stronger with the provocations she faces.

which also received a new trailer, complete with ghostly threats, during yesterday’s broadcast of State of play has been Ghostwire: Tokyoa title where players will have to be strong and face a city full of supernatural beings, which reaches the PlayStation®5 next March 25. Here, in a brief moment, nearly all of Tokyo’s living population disappeared as folkloric beings, from myths and urban legends, manifested throughout the city. As Akito, a survivor of these disappearances, players must team up with a ghostly detective named KK to unravel the phenomenon and bring its perpetrator to justice – a masked man known as Hannya. The title is now available for reservation on PlayStation®Store and has two editions: the regular editionavailable for €69.99, and the deluxe edition, which costs €89.99. Those who reserve one or the other of these two editions for PlayStation®5 will receive the Hannya Outfit and a premium platform-exclusive Biker Outfit Pack for use in-game. LA deluxe editionin addition to Ghostwire: Tokyo, includes 3 days early access to the game, Streetwear skin pack, Shinobi skin and Kunai weapon. Those who have an active subscription to PlayStation®Plus will also be able to unlock 3-day early access to the Ghostwire: Tokyo (only available for the digital version of the title). Furthermore, the members of the PlayStation®Plus can still receive a 10% discount on this title if they reserve an edition of the game on PlayStation®Store until March 24. Moreover, it is important to remember that until March 13, the 12-month subscription to the service PlayStation®more is available with a 25% discount, exclusively on PlayStation®shop for new subscribers to the service. This means that players who do not have an active subscription to the PlayStation®moreyou can subscribe to the service for only €44.99 instead of the usual €59.99 during this period.

During the State of play from yesterday was still presented exoprimala unique game of capcom where teams of five players use exocombinations ultra-modern to take on relentless hordes of the strongest and deadliest dinosaurs in history. This team-based action game is set to release in 2023 on PS4™ and PS5™, and is set in the year 2043. Here, for unknown reasons, mysterious vortices have unleashed endless herds of dinosaurs into the modern world. Players are about to witness a cruel fight for survival among the brave. exocombatants of the future and the ferocious creatures of the past that threaten to drive humanity to extinction.

There are more news and a new demo from Stranger from Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, which allows players to transfer their progress for use in the full game. The demo will be released today for the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 and will allow players to play through the first three stages of the game, up to Western Keep. In it, players will also be able to test the mode multiplayer play with other people playing the demo. This authentic action game unlike anything seen in the series so far Final Fantasy, has a villain as the protagonist, showing a darker world. With great depth of gameplay and difficulty levels suitable for all players, Stranger from Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Its release date is scheduled for March 18.

The news does not stop there and it has also been announced that Gundam Evolution will bring about the action of a Free FPS the PlayStation®5 and the PlayStation®4 still in 2022. This year will also see the launch, for the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collectionone of the most comprehensive retro gaming collections of all time, and GigaBash, which combines the chaos and creativity of titles like Power Stone, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and War of the Monsters with the dizzying size of classic kaiju movies (Japanese giant monsters).

There is more, and PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 this year will come again JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle Rwhich captures the artistic style of Hirohiko Araki and which, among other things, offers a wide variety of game modes.

The series Valkyrie is also back with an all new action RPG from square Enix called Valkyrie Elysee, which has an epic story, beautiful landscapes and a new dynamic combat system that combines strategy, action and an excellent combo system that will test players’ thinking and reaction skills. The title will be released for the PlayStation®5 and for the PlayStation®4 later this year and more details on that will be shared soon.

Given Square Enix, yet another story emerges, immersive and dark, which will also reach the PS4™ and PS5™ This year: The DioField Chroniclea strategy RPG set in a unique world that combines medieval, contemporary and fantasy influences with a complex and innovative combat system.

The title Hike to Yomi It also received a new trailer, which showed a cinematic experience in Edo period Japan. The game will be released soon for PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5.

remember here yesterday’s show State of play.

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