Eight women accuse PlayStation of discrimination and sexism • Eurogamer.pt

The legal process intensifies.

Eight women shared their experiences and joined Emma Majo’s voice in criticizing the sexist and discriminatory environment they experienced during their time at PlayStation.

The case caused worldwide talk in November 2021 and in February 2022 Sony tried to shut down the process saying they were unsubstantiated allegations but now the axios reports that eight women have added their voices to Majo’s.

Now the case includes testimonials from these eight PlayStation employees, some of whom no longer work for the company, who talk about sexual harassment, instances of disrespect, gender discrimination and even the inability to activate investigation of complaints.

according to polygonallegations include instances of men on PlayStation grading women based on their looks, dirty jokes and images of women being shared between co-workers, and even visits to strip clubs over lunch.

Several women also say they have been sexually approached and even groped. A woman talks about a time when she was breastfeeding her child and had to stop because she had no privacy.

Other women mention that many colleagues have left PlayStation due to working conditions.

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