experts clarify doubts about live vaccine for children

Participating in the live vaccination of children are the health doctor and Secretary of State for Health, Nésio Fernandes, and the pediatric infectiologist Renato Kfouri.

By Wesley Ribeiro

Vaccines approved for childhood vaccination are considered safe not only by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), but also by the United States drug regulatory agency, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

However, many parents or guardians are still reluctant to have their children vaccinated. To clarify the issue, the Secretary of State for Health (Sesa) has made available the direct “Safety and necessity of childhood vaccinations” available on the Secretary’s Youtube channel.

Participating live health doctor and Secretary of State for Health, Nésio Fernandes; and infectious disease pediatrician Renato Kfouri. He is also President of the Department of Immunizations of the Brazilian Society of Pediatricians and Director of the Brazilian Society of Immunizations and member of the Technical Chamber.

Click on the video below to watch live.


Renato Kfouri, pediatric infectiologist:

“We are at the time of communication, because we only transform vaccines into vaccination when we raise awareness among the population. We learned there to communicate about vaccination in a scenario where illnesses were very frequent, paralysis being an example. From the moment there is control of the disease, the discussion about safety and adverse events grows, these contrary movements that make families resistant become important. The tool is to bring science closer to the population and in this the press has a major role. We have a unique opportunity to promote the vaccination of children, it is their turn”.

Eder Gatti, doctor at the Butantan Institute:

“We have gone through a pandemic which has required humanity to mobilize unprecedentedly around vaccination. In fact, everything happened very quickly, but everything happened within limits. The vaccines that exist have been tested, they are not experimental, they have been properly tested, licensed by serious regulatory bodies. Vaccines are safe, effective, immunogenic and there is no reason to leave our children unprotected. Beware of information that reaches you, that “jumps” onto your mobile phone. We have an obligation to transmit the heritage of vaccination to our children, we cannot transmit to our children the information that the vaccine is consumable, it is a big risk, the vaccination coverage of all immunobiologicals is decreasing and children and adults think that vaccines are expendable, we run the risk of reverting to a pre-vaccination reality, with the return of vaccine-preventable diseases that we no longer see like meningitis, measles, poliomyelitis . Let’s vaccinate children and defeat the pandemic.

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