First day of kick-off shows good results – Paraná

This Thursday (10) the first day of the “Bota-fora” took place in the town of Arapongas, which was held in Conjunto Flamingos and other neighborhoods in the region, with the aim of clearing the rear -courtyards and public spaces and to strengthen the fight against the dengue mosquito. The operation received a positive evaluation from the organizing team and the beneficiary families.

The bota-fora began in the morning and mobilized 87 people, including employees of the Municipal Environmental Service, the Arapongas Development Company (Codar), agents for the fight against endemics and health workers. community (ACS).

“The boot-out continues this Friday (11) with the collection of materials that families remove from their backyards and the mowing and cleaning of public spaces”, indicates the Secretary of the Environment, Renan Rodrigues Manoel.

According to him, one of the actions was the cleaning of the irregular disposal at the end of Rua Louro Verde and nearby. “But we depend on the support of the population, because there is no point in cleaning up these areas if in the next few days people are going to throw more garbage there”, underlines the secretary.

Valdecir Pardini, endemic disease control coordinator, points out that since Monday (7), the team has been visiting homes, eliminating anything that may contain stagnant water. This procedure is due to the fact that the incidence of the larvae of the mosquito that transmits dengue fever has increased, putting the population at risk. The teams also produce leaflets and advice on the need to fight mosquito larvae urgently.

Pardini pointed out that many families collect rainwater to clean sidewalks. “Our advice is that they don’t collect rainwater. About 60% of mosquito larvae end up in containers with rainwater,” warns the coordinator. Pardini reports that 23 rainwater deposits were found in a single residence. “And all bubbling with mosquito larvae,” he concludes.

Source: Arapongas Town Hall.

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