Frederico Varandas at the inauguration: ‘We will enter any field to lead’ – Sporting

Frederico Varandas highlighted the “work done and the many sporting titles in the different modalities” during his first term at the helm of Sporting. During the inauguration of the new governing bodies, elected on Saturday, President Leonin underlined the greater experience of this team with the “same passion”. “After three and a half years, it is an honor to be here to speak at this time in the same auditorium, because the reality of Sporting is completely different from what it was when I spoke for the first times. At the time, we presented ourselves without experience. but with a goal. we present the continuity of this project and the same passion. Between these two moments, work is done and many sports titles in the different modalities. life, what remains is what you do and not what you say. will always be our motto: do”, began by saying Varandas in his speech at the Artur Agostinho Auditorium, where he left a message to three groups different: “The first message is for the member of Sporting. Manchester City who has crossed the world, thank you for having always been present in the 115 years of history. Three and a half years ago, I said that I grew up Sporting and I breathe Sporting, but I’m not Sporting. today, I repeat the same sentence. to serve Sporting, with the partners and for the partners but never above the partners. But I have a great ambition: that all members can vote and participate in the life of their club. It is within our reach, if the partners wish it, it will be the mandate of all the partners. To all partners, take care of Sporting, no one will do it if it’s not us.”

“The second message is for sports and non-sports institutions: the strength of a country is in its institutions and in the speed of action. Sport has shown that it is possible, courage is not enough to say what We see, we have to act. The new normal must be the opposite of what the old normal was. Take care of sport and democracy.”

“The third message is again for Sporting fans. Let’s take care of the planet, no one will take care of it except us. In the next four years, we want to lead a new era, a new green era, with dimensions We have a very clear goal: to inspire each of you to inspire millions of people.”

In closing, Varandas addressed a word to the elements who have now ceased their functions and who accompanied him in his first term: “Sporting are eternally grateful to you. Sporting above us. We are the same but more experienced but also with scars and marks of those who act as the bumper of the club. I promise to serve Sporting but also more scars. There is a lot of Sporting to grow without giving up our values. Sporting players want more, we want more. Let’s keep going.”

Images of the inauguration of Sporting’s new governing bodies

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