Gaming giants leave Russia

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has also generated repercussions in the gaming world. In recent days, some of the biggest companies in the industry have stopped serving Russian gamers, including CD project, Microsoft and nintendo.


In the list below, the The enemy talks about how some giant game companies have taken a stand against Russia and Belarus, removing content, stopping sales and more. As new information becomes available, we will update this content.


Green Xbox logo.

New sales of Microsoft products and services in Russia and Belarus have been suspended. Although the term “new sales” is vague, we can assume that it refers to services and goods that are in physical and digital stores, but cannot be purchased by shoppers. This includes games and apps.



Nintendo's hybrid console.

Similarly, Nintendo has blocked the Russian and Belarusian eShop under “maintenance” by not processing in-store payments.



PS5 consoles.

Sony has delayed the release of Gran Turismo 7 in Russia and Belarus, suspended sales of hardware and digital products in Russia, and donated $2 million for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the NGO Save the childrento support those affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


CD project

V and Johnny Silverhand.

The company responsible for Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher has decided to suspend the sale of games in Russia and Belarus.

CD project.

electronic arts

Mbappé's dominance in FIFA 22.

Russian teams have been removed from FIFA 22, along with the Russian national team. Additionally, EA has also decided to stop selling games there.


GSC Game World

STALKER 2 game.

Responsible for STALKER, the Ukrainian studio GSC Game World was indeed forced to stop the development of STALKER 2 because of the Russian invasion. As of now, there is no information on a new release date.

CGC game world.

Riot Games

Riot Games logo

Riot Games also announced aid in the humanitarian crisis caused in Eastern European countries by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and said that all profits from Battle Passes purchased by players between the 5th and the March 12 in their games will be donated to support humanitarian efforts. In addition, they will also donate $1 million to be shared between three non-profit humanitarian organizations: International Medical Corps, Doctors Without Borders and Polish Red Cross.

The Pokemon Company

THE The Pokemon Company also expressed its solidarity with the Ukrainian people. THE The company announced a US$200,000 donation to GlobalGiving, a non-profit organization that distributes the money to organizations that will help war-affected children and families.

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