José Couceiro: “Sporting is one of our most important partners” – Sporting

The vice-president and national technical director of the FPF highlights the work of Frederico Varandas at Sporting

Representing the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF), José Couceiro was present at the Artur Agostinho Auditorium, Estádio de José Alvalade, during the inauguration ceremony of Frederico Varandas’ second term, congratulating the Leonine leader on his re-election . “I wish a good mandate to the management of Sporting. This stability is important. Sporting is one of our most important partners and we look forward to continuing to work with Sporting in various areas, from training to senior, men’s, women’s, futsal, beach football…all in all. the areas we work on together. In this sense, this interlocutor who is ours is very important, who is one of the most important in our relations. May he have a successful term, of course. If there’s anyone who wants things to move in a positive direction, it’s been the Federation. The president of Sporting said that we must maintain and strengthen these relations. We are all interested in improving relations and obviously we all want to reach higher levels in all areas”, estimated the vice-president president and technical director of the FPF.


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Taking the opportunity, Couceiro also commented on the recent study which pointed to flaws in the playing time of the Portuguese championship. “We have been working on this issue for a few years. Before the pandemic, we had a meeting with the coaches and there are several issues that need to be analysed. Between the League, the clubs, the Federation and the stakeholders. the world. We have to be aware that we have to improve: to be more intense in the game, capable and with more quality. But these are decisions that must be made collectively. It concerns everything. It is much more than a question of order. This concerns everyone. The clubs, more or less big, and institutions. But you can also mention that we are the 6th League in the European classification, that the youth teams are at the top of the classification and it “There are a lot of positive things that we can mention. Now it’s obvious that we don’t cover the sun with a sieve. It’s an issue that needs to be considered,” he explained.

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