LE BAL – Speech by Frederico Varandas at the inauguration: three messages and a promise (Sporting)

Frederico Varandas took office this Thursday as president of Sporting for the next four years, leaving “three messages to three different recipients” and even a promise, as you can read in the speech below.

Remember that Varandas was re-elected on Saturday with a landslide victory: 85.8% of the deputies’ choices, which corresponds to 64,509 votes. Nuno Sousa (List C) is in second place, with a percentage of 7.3% of intentions of choice, which is equivalent to 5487 votes. Ricardo Oliveira (List B) comes third, with 2.95%, or 2,216 votes. A total of 14,785 members voted, which equates to a total of 72,212 votes

The speech of the lion president

“After three and a half years, it is an honor to speak here in this auditorium. The reality is very different from what it was when I first spoke. Three and a half years ago we came here without experience in these positions but with a project, a direction, a conviction and a lot of passion. Today we present to you the continuity of this project, the maintenance of this course and the same passion. Between these two moments, what remains is the work accomplished and the numerous sporting titles won. In life, what stays forever is what you do, not what you say. This will always be our motto: do.

I want to leave three messages for three different recipients. The first for the Sporting partner: thank you for pulling the club out of the rubble, thank you for the eight minutes of applause during the match against City. Thank you all for being present in the 115 years of Sporting history. I was born Sporting, I grew up Sporting, I breathe Sporting but I am not Sporting. Today, I repeat this same sentence. This board of directors will work during these four years, as until now, in the service of Sporting. For partners, with partners but never above partners. We have a great ambition: that all members can participate in the life of the club, that everyone can vote, that everyone can take care of their Sporting. If the partners wish, it will be a mandate from all the partners.

The second message is addressed to sports and non-sports institutions, which I thank for being here today. The strength of a country, of sport, lies in the strength of its institutions. Sporting has already shown the way, has already shown that it is possible to succeed. It is not enough to have courage, you have to act. Not acting is also an action. The new normal must be the opposite of the old normal. Take care of sport, of democracy. Nobody will take care of it if it’s not us.

The third message: take care of the planet. No one will take care of him if it’s not us. In the next four years, Sporting wants to lead a new era, the green era.

I end with a promise: whatever field we enter, athletic or non-athletic, we will enter to lead. Show the example we set.

Finally, a word to those who are in this room, who will not continue with us and who served alongside me: Sporting is eternally grateful. For the other members who accompany me, they already know what awaits us and what remains to be done. Serve and put Sporting above all else. We are the same but different. More experienced, with more knowledge but also with scars and marks, inevitable when it comes to club bumpers, protecting and caring for them. It is the greatest honor a member can have to serve the club. Grow without ever giving up on our values. The partner wants more, we want more, Sporting wants more. Let’s go on. Long live the Sport!”

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