Messi and Neymar devastated: “Two mercenaries. It even bothers me…” – PSG

Jérôme Rothen confides in the stars of Paris SG

No popes on the tongue. This is how Jérôme Rothen, former Paris SG player – he played for the club between 2004 and 2010 – analyzed the elimination of the French club from the Champions League at the feet of Real Madrid. And while he forgives much of the team, Rothen has two clear targets in his analysis… destructive. “Neymar and Messi are responsible for this defeat. They are the ones who have to take responsibility. When Leonardo recruits these boys and puts them up there, they are the legends of the club. They get paid for it. Verratti, Danilo, Paredes, Mbappé. He was the only one who was dangerous in both games. I attack the other two, the two mercenaries. Between the one who has been an impostor since his arrival. It even makes me ashamed to talk about Messi like that, but it It’s reality. He just walks around the pitch. They say he went to great lengths to win a ball. Are they laughing at me or what? He made efforts from 10 meters The other lost all the balloons, I say the other because he even annoys me to mention his name. Since he’s been there, it’s been a disaster. And that in less than 50% of the Paris SG matches. Messi, stop! Neymar, stop! The problem is there. It’s the great players who put their heads under water,” he said.

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