Motorists want to “stop Portugal” this Friday to protest against rising fuel prices

A demonstration was planned for this Friday, March 11 to challenge the constant increases in the price of fuel. The action circulates on social networks, with the organization of the Facebook group “Motoristas de Portugal”.

The objective, they call, is to bring the country to a complete stop, from 12 p.m. this Friday, in protest against the record increases recorded each week.

“Let’s stop the traffic. Stop, without movement, cut off the A1 and the bridges in the Lisbon area, as these are the busiest places”, reads one of the group’s publications, which asks “drivers to stop their vehicles wherever they are”.

The appeal also mentions that the drivers must “pass the message, to see if the transport companies also unite because with these values ​​it is not good for anyone”.

There are already several people across the country asking on social media if there will be protests in their area as well, showing interest in joining.

Fuel prices have risen to record highs every week, causing huge queues of cars at the pumps, drivers wanting to take advantage while the price is no longer rising.

Next week another rise is expected, with experts predicting that diesel and gasoline will register record increases, after this week they rose by an average of 14 and eight hundred respectively, according to data from the General Directorate of energy and geology (DGEG) .

“If the week ended here, the price of diesel should increase by around 18 cents per liter on Monday, and that of petrol by 12 cents,” an industry source told Multinews on Tuesday.

However, commodity prices are expected to continue rising through the end of the week in international markets – “especially after Biden announced an embargo on imports of Russian oil and gas to states. States”, in response to the invasion of the United States. Ukraine, adds the same source – so the increases could be even more expressive.

Fuels have already increased by 10 times since the beginning of the year, indicates the DGEG. During this period, the price of diesel increased by 31 cents per litre, while gasoline prices were 25 cents higher. This means that filling a 60 liter petrol tank costs 15 euros more than the first week of January. To fill up with diesel, it takes 19 euros more than ten weeks ago. In this last week alone, the bill has increased by 5 and 8 euros respectively.

DGEG data shows that the average price of a liter of simple diesel in Portugal currently costs 1.812 euros per litre, while that of simple 95 petrol is worth 1.917 euros. The Portuguese have never paid so much for each liter of these fuels and next week they will set new records again, with average prices passing the two euro per liter mark, according to forecasts.

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