Neymar posts an exchange of messages with Donnarumma and leaves a guarantee on PSG – PSG

The press spoke of disagreement and the Brazilian player puts the “dots on the is”

There were no fights or anything like that in the PSG locker room after the (heavy) setback against Real Madrid. Who guarantees it, it is Neymar who saw his name and that of Gianluigi Donnarumma involved this Thursday in the controversy. The Brazilian ace shared on Instagram Stories an exchange of messages with the young PSG goalkeeper, whose performance yesterday was criticized. “Hello Ney. I’m sorry for what happened yesterday. This news is unacceptable,” Donnarumma wrote to Neymar, sharing ‘Brand’ news which explains the disagreement between the two. “Friend! It can happen in football… We are a team and we are with you. You are still very young and you will still win a lot! Get up and let’s go. Hug”, wrote the Brazilian who also left another story on this social network. “I hate talking about the news…but that’s a lie. There was no locker room fight!!! Incompetent reporters wanting to promote themselves, try the next one ok?” According to this sports daily, Neymar and Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma had a weight dispute, ending up being separated by their teammates. It all started with Neymar recriminating the keeper for the mistake that made Benzema’s first goal. And the Italian would not have kept silent, replying that the second goal of the French striker was born from a loss of ball from the Brazilian…

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