Sapiranga on alert for dengue – Jornal Repercussion

After rainy days, the management of dengue fever is even more fundamental, especially during hot days, when the proliferation of mosquitoes worsens.

Although there are no confirmed cases of the disease in the commune, the fight against Aedes aegypti cannot stop and it also depends on everyone in their own residence.

In Sapiranga, the first property larval survey for a Rapid Index (Lira) survey of Aedes aegypti infestation was carried out in neighborhoods in January by endemic disease control officers. Three other research cycles are scheduled throughout this year. In addition, the team carried out population orientation activities, environmental management actions, mechanical control and biological control, in addition to intersectoral and social mobilization activities against dengue, zika and chikungunya.

The collaboration of the population to fight Aedes aegypti is fundamental

Dengue fever management, which prevents the mosquito that transmits the disease, Aedes aegypti, from proliferating, begins at home. Avoid leaving standing water, always check potted plants and dishes. Do not leave tires on the deck or other objects that collect rainwater. Frequent cleaning of gutters, swimming pools and water tanks is also another way to avoid Aedes.

By the town hall of Sapiranga

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