Sesa performs live to answer questions about vaccinating children against Covid-19

One of the objectives of the state government is to ensure that the population is always informed of the actions carried out in the territory of Espírito Santo. In order to encourage the vaccination of children against Covid-19 and to strengthen the safety of available vaccines, the Secretary of Health (Sesa) promoted, this Wednesday (09), the direct “Safety and necessity of vaccination of children”, with the participation of experts in the field.

The conversation was mediated by the Secretary of State for Health, Nésio Fernandes, and was invited by the specialist in pediatric infectious diseases and president of the Department of Vaccinations of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics, Renato Kfouri, in addition to the infectologist Éder Gatti, collective health doctor and doctor at the Instituto Butantan.

Three journalists who work in Greater Vitória also participated in the broadcast. They are: Leonel Ximenes, columnist for A Gazeta; Ana Carolina Monteiro, editor-in-chief of the newspaper Folha Vitória; and Leticia Olandi, from the ES360 portal. At the beginning of the transmission, the professionals presented their daily doubts about the vaccination of children and reported the moment of the vaccination campaign that they had experienced before.

Renato Kfouri, a specialist in pediatric infectious diseases, highlighted the drop in deaths from the disease after the start of nationwide vaccination and the number of cases of children infected with the virus in the country. In Espírito Santo, in the age group between 05 and 11 years old, there are already more than 35,000 confirmed cases of the disease and six registered deaths.

The doctor stressed the importance of the proposed debate to build the confidence of the families. “Information is very important for us to achieve our vaccination goals, bringing science closer to the people. I believe that the partnership between managers, the scientific community and communicators is the way to improve and regain confidence in vaccines,” Kfouri said.

Dr Éder Gatti showed the rates of adverse events in society, emphasizing the importance and safety of all vaccines available today. In addition, he stressed that children must be protected against Covid-19.

“Vaccines are not experimental. They have been approved by approved bodies and there is no reason not to get vaccinated. I take this opportunity to alert the public to fake news, which greatly hinders this process. The best information is that from serious vehicles engaged in work. We have an obligation to pass on the legacy of immunization to our children. We cannot pass on the information that the vaccine is consumable, because it is a very big risk. Vaccine coverage of all immunobiologics is down and children and adults think vaccines are consumable,” he said.

Secretary Nésio Fernandes closed the meeting with a request to the families of Espírito Santo, encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. “I call on everyone to get vaccinated in the working group that we will be holding this Friday and Saturday. We are ready to protect and take care of the people of Espírito Santo, but for this the gesture of responsibility and society’s love is essential: getting children to be vaccinated,” he said.

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Vaccination effort Friday (11) and Saturday (12)

This Friday (11) and Saturday (12), a free vaccination campaign against Covid-19 will take place in the municipalities of Espírito Santo for children aged 05 to 11 years old. During the two days of action, approximately 65,000 doses will be offered, distributed in the Metropolitan, Centre, North and South regions.

Officials who accompany minors and who are late for a dose can also get vaccinated and keep the vaccination schedule up to date. The population will have access to the service at strategic locations and at times predefined by municipal managers.

Click here and checking vaccination sites during the working group.

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