THE BALL – Bruno Lage’s special compliment to Rúben Neves (Wolverhampton)

In a press conference after the delayed matchday 19 match with Watford, which Wolverhampton won 4-0, Portugal manager Bruno Lage praised Rúben Neves.

Analyzing the colossal goal scored by the Portuguese midfielder, while some French media are already comparing it to another scored by the genius Éric Cantona, for Manchester United, Bruno Lage declares: “In Portugal, they say that this type of goal pays the ticket.

The coach added: “I thought he missed his shot when he came in, but that’s why I tell my players every day that I’ve never played football. The only pressure I put on the boys is to get it right in training, because then the pressure comes from all sides.

Bruno Lage once again underlined the enormous quality of the Portuguese international: “Rúben [Neves] He knows what I want for him and what I want for his career. Reuben must be the best of the best. The pressure for him is on Sunday to put on another great performance, that’s how he should always be and that way he can take our team to other levels.”

What is it to be on top? The former Benfica helmsman explained: “Being on top and being on top of the top is not about scoring goals like that every week, but doing what he did today, the way he linked the game to defense, how he found players in the Between the Lines, this is the Reuben I want every day.

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