THE BALL – “What happened cannot happen again” (Liga)

Pedro Proença, president of the League, was one of the guests who attended the inauguration of Frederico Varandas for a new term in the service of the lions. The leader, who congratulated the reappointment of President Leonine, addressed other topics, such as the recent episodes of violence in football stadiums.

“The League has been at the forefront of its repudiation of what was violence. There was a series of measures that we presented to the former Minister of Internal Administration, we are waiting for the entry into office of the new executive, because we are really concerned about what is happening. It is not the responsibility of football. It is the responsibility of what has to do with the internal administration. What happened in the recent past cannot happen again. It is not a football phenomenon. It is a phenomenon of public administration and that the executive must face in a clear and objective way,” he said, also commenting on the recent relationship between Sporting and FC Porto:

“We recently had a presidents summit where it was possible to reflect on the fundamentals and that is the work we are doing. The clubs are more united than ever. We need to be around the table discussing professional football and that’s how we need to do it. In everything else, we are ‘actors’ in a common activity, an important economic activity for the country’s GDP”.

Finally, he also expressed his concern about the recent study which places the Portuguese League among those with the shortest playing time in the world… “It is a concern for us, who defend the product. There has to be reflection from everyone – players, coaches, referees, organizations – and the product has to be made more profitable. Some experiments have been made and will be made to overcome this, ”he reinforced.

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