The case imported from Tocantins is the only dengue fever record in Passo Fundo

The municipality of Passo Fundo recorded in the first two months of 2022, only one positive case of Dengue.

According to the head of the Environmental Health Surveillance Center, Ivânia Silvestrin, there have been nine suspected cases of the disease, one imported from Tocantins and eight who gave a negative test result.

In total, in Rio Grande do Sul, according to the latest bulletin published by the State Center for Health Surveillance, there are 135 confirmed cases. In 2021, the state closed the year with 16,057 suspected cases of Dengue fever.

In Passo Fundo, the months of March and April are of greatest concern, as historically this is when the most positive cases are reported.

“We have observed that this phase from March to April is a critical phase for the municipality of Passo Fundo, we have entered a worrying phase because it tends to have more cases, so we are on alert because of this”, Ivania points out.

The first rapid index survey for Aedes Aegypti was carried out in January and showed an index of 1.3%, i.e. for 100 households visited in Passo Fundo by surveillance agents, 1.3% were found infected with Aedes Aedypti. .

Foci have been identified in Petrópolis, Integração, Lucas Araújo, Vila Luiza, Vera Cruz, Santa Marta, São José and São Cristóvão.

According to Ivânia, the neighborhood of Petrópolis is the most worrying with several outbreaks, followed by the neighborhood of Lucas Araújo. The next survey will take place in April.

However, officers continue to conduct home visits to guide residents, report critical situations and inspect.

Ivânia points out that based on the work of investigating outbreaks and vector and sensory research, it is possible to prevent the spread of the virus in neighborhoods.

Even if the number of cases is low at the start of the year, the head of the Environmental Health Monitoring Center points out that the situation can change at any time.

This is because, if one or two cases of dengue fever are registered in the same neighborhood, it means that we can have twice as many cases very quickly, because when the female bites a person, she can transmit the virus in a radius of 200 to 300 meters.

“We have low notifications today in the town, but that does not reassure us, because we know that if we leave one or two positive cases in the neighborhood, we can have problems”, he explains.

The symptoms of dengue fever are muscle pain, fever, malaise and can worsen if it affects people with comorbidities, diabetics, hypertensives.

“If these people catch dengue, they can have more serious complications, so we reinforce that it is very simple and quick to control the mosquito, eliminating stagnant water,” he concludes.

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