“Valkyrie Elysium” announced by Square Enix – JBox

THE Square-Enix announced yesterday (09) the RPG Valkyrie Elyseeapparently an expansion of the world of Valkyrie Profile. The game always happens in 2022for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PRACTICE via To smoke. The development comes from Sun.

Check out the trailer:

The plot features a Valkyrie in charge of the fate of the world by the Great Father, the greatest of gods and ruler of all creatures. During her journey, she will face several enemies to prevent Ragnarok, the destruction of the world.

Valkyrie Profile was released in 1999 for the PlayStationdevelopped by trias and published by then Enix (before the merger with Square). The game has strong inspirations from Norse mythology and features the Valkyrie Lenneth traveling across Midgard to gather warriors to serve as her einherjar (heroic warriors killed in battle, gathered by valkyries to go to the palace of Valhalla) in Ragnarok.

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