Valve’s Datamine Reveals Canceled Portal and Half-Life Alyx Sequel

The company also appears to be working on adapting CS: Global Offensive for the Source 2 engine.

Known for taking long periods of time to develop new games (and, according to memes, for not knowing how to count to three), the valve is also famous for keeping several projects secret – and for canceling several. However, the codes present in Opening office joba game that debuted with the To smoke bridge, revealed some behind-the-scenes business secrets.

YouTuber Tyler McVicker went through the developer’s files and discovered that she was work at the Citadela possible sequence of events in Half-Life: Alyx. The codes also show that the developer is working on a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Port for the Source 2 Engine and details of a Portal painting set which was cancelled.

The existence of Citadel is not really new: the project has been known since 2021 and mixes real-time strategy elements with first-person shooter gameplay. Not yet confirmed by Valve, the game is expected to be set in the Half-Life universe and bring cooperative aspects and gameplay elements like Left4Dead and Alien Swarm.

Games want to show off the capabilities of the Steam Deck

According to the YouTuber, although Citadel should also be released for PCsValve’s intention is to turn the game into a sort of showcase of the capabilities of steam bridge. In this sense, the game in the world of Half-Life would be only one among several projects that the laptop might receive in the near future.

While Valve went a long time in the 2000s without releasing any titles, it recently decided to start betting more heavily on game development again. Early March, designer Greg Coomer said the company is working on several projects which you are very excited about.

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However, given the company’s history, it may still take a considerable amount of time before we know more details about them. While working on new games, the developer also paid attention to past projects and recently released updates from Half Life 2 so that its interface works better on the Steam Deck.


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