″In all seriousness, did anyone expect us to get involved in the title fight?″

Statements by Carlos Carvalhal, coach of Braga, in preview of the match with Gil Vicente, from 8:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Match with Gil Vicente and fourth place: “At the moment, we are more interested in Gil Vicente than in the rankings. I gave the title of coach of the year to Ricardo Soares, who is doing an extraordinary job for Gil. I looked at their results this season and I only found one loss with Sporting and another with Braga. They are a good team, with quality, and playing well. So you will find a Braga who will play well, very focused on the game, taking advantage of the opponent’s shortcomings. But Gil Vicente will not give the opponents great opportunities. They are a very compact team. You have to be very effective in scoring goals, also being sure defensively. It will be a very good match between two teams that want to win. We are convinced that we will get the three points, having a lot of respect for Gil Vicente”.

The knowledge of gilistas about Braga: “It will be a more difficult match than against Monaco. They are a very close-knit and compact team. Benfica and FC Porto had very few chances against Gil. We will do everything to break their defensive organization. A great ambition and we have “Massive support from the fans. We have a lot of youngsters skipping stages, who were only recently playing in Liga 3 and as a result mistakes happen. That’s why we ask for the support of the fans. We want to make another night in Braga”.

Were there any conditions to fight for the title? “In all seriousness, did anyone expect this year that we would get involved in the fight for the title? If the conditions were right for it, did a team bet on 12 young players who played at III Liga level to fight for the title? Did they think that Braga would be able to fight for the title this year? A person with common sense will say no. Having expectations in place means that is to say that Braga has the conditions to go as far as possible in the competitions and, at this point, we are in fourth place to be better than Gil Vicente to stay in fourth place and even get closer to third place. We don’t want to deceive anyone.”

Unwanted visit at half-time in the round of 16 of the Europa League? “I will answer at the end of the game whether it will be or not. We are very determined to win. Everyone wants to take a step forward and go to the game. What I want is for the team to be to his favorite. “

Ricardo Soares: “Gil Vicente has good processes. I know Ricardo from the quarters. He was my player at Vizela. And I had expected him to be a good coach. I could see his teams, always very compact and solid defensively .” “his game, making his teams more attractive, with a good technical background. It’s part of the evolution of a coach”.

Forward goals: “They are the ones who are closest to the goal and that is why it is important that they score goals. Abel Ruiz played in the beginning against Monaco not only because of his ability to get out but also because of the ability of those who have to close the central. between the lines and linking the game. Vitinha attacks more from deep, he is the appropriate striker when it is necessary to open the defenses. I have to watch the games and see who should play, knowing that we have two attackers with completely different characteristics”.

Braga is the team with the most attacks, shots, assists, duels, assists, crosses and recoveries in the Europa League: “I knew that we were the team with the most attacks and the one who recovered the most balls before the game against Monaco. After all, we have recovered in other aspects. I think we can Now talking more about the glass half full, there are very positive things, for example we are in the 17th game without conceding a goal, whereas last season our maximum was 16. We have already improved this record. In the last five games we have conceded only one goal We are improving the team, obtaining excellent data in the Europa League We are better in different records, it is good for the present and for the future We are down to earth though, knowing that we have three very tough games ahead of us, against Gil Vicente, Monaco and Portimonense.”

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