A new extension wants to make conversations even safer

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Some of the features presented by WhatsApp require changes to the security levels of this service. It has grown and must remain so, so that users are protected and their conversations remain private.

To achieve this in an even more natural way, WhatsApp has now introduced an extension for those using the browser-based version. This will be the guarantee of security and that access is done in a secure way and with all the required standards.

Privacy of whatsapp security website version

The operation of Code Verify, the name given to this extension, is very simple. Nevertheless, it ensures that user access to this browser-based version is really safe and secure. Transparently, everything is assessed and guaranteed.

To do this, WhatsApp has the help of Cloudflare, which will be the partner used to verify all the code. Without interfering with operation, the user receives confirmation that he is indeed accessing a secure version and that it has not been altered.

Privacy of whatsapp security website version

When accessing the WhatsApp website, a hash of the received code will be created, which will be used for comparison with the one that Cloudflare has present and also sent to the user. If they are similar, there is a guarantee that the code is reliable and has not been tampered with.

Although it is not revolutionary and is used in many other systems, it is an important novelty. With 3 possible states, the user will know if the code is ok, if there is a potential problem or if, on the contrary, there really is a security situation. All the code for this extension it's public and can be checked.

Privacy of whatsapp security website version

The need for this new feature came with the arrival of WhatsApp's cross-device support. With more and more users using this service in the browser, the company of Meta wanted to guarantee even more levels of security and confidentiality, this is one of the means obtained.

For now, for those who want to test out Code Verify, you can do so at Chromium or not edge. The version dedicated to Firefox will arrive soon and will have the same simple and straightforward operation for the WhatsApp user.

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