Araraquara confirms first dengue death this year | Sao Carlos and Araraquara

Araraquara (SP) confirmed the first dengue fever death this year. The victim is a 68 year old woman who lived in Jardim Imperador and had comorbidities.

The town hall will open a rehydration center to treat patients with symptoms of the disease on Monday (14). (see below).

In a note, the prefecture said that the service history informs her that she began to experience the first symptoms on March 4, seeking medical attention at UPA Valle Verde on the 7th, when the examination has been collected.

Due to the symptoms and comorbidities (diabetes and hypertension), she was referred by the UPA for hospitalization at the Américo Brasiliense State Hospital (Heab). On Thursday (10), the examination confirmed the diagnosis and, around 12:00 p.m., the condition worsened and she died.

The city government mourned the death and said “all medical assistance was provided to the patient, from the time she entered the emergency department.”

Fight the mosquito that transmits dengue fever

During an inspection, health workers in Araraquara find debris that can accumulate water and contribute to the proliferation of the dengue mosquito — Photo: Ely Venancio/EPTV

Until the beginning of this month, the municipality counts 562 cases of dengue fever. In 2019, when the city experienced an outbreak, there were over 23,000 cases, including 5 deaths. In 2021, there were no deaths from the disease.

The city administration said it is maintaining all its efforts in the fight against dengue fever, with teams blocking streets daily, including weekends, to eliminate outbreaks of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits the disease.

In February, dengue teams collected 21 tons of useless materials in the homes visited.

“The officers continued to operate, even with difficulty in visiting the houses, due to people’s refusal to have the houses inspected by the officers. They are found in houses with residents and only 20% are in houses closed or discontinued,” he said in a statement. .

On average, epidemiological surveillance officers and community health workers visit 30,000 households per month and in half of them the work is not completed due to lack of entry authorization.

The field hospital will have a wing for a rehydration center — Photo: Amanda Rocha/A ​​Cidade ON/Araraquara

The municipal health service will open to the population from Monday (14)a Rehydration Centerwho will work in a wing of the field hospital.

In addition to the Covid-19 Screening Reference Center, the field hospital structure will also be used to assist people with symptoms of dengue, for consultation and examination. The service will be from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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