Benfica Estoril Under-23 Revelation League Football


O benfica imposed its DNA, even if on the other side of the field was the virtual champion of this League of Revelationsand, this Saturday March 12, they beat Estoril by 2-0 in the 9th round of the qualifying phase of the La Liga champions Revelação.

Pulling the strings of the match, the Sub-23 team led by Luís Castro quickly scored a position. In the 15th minute, Gerson Sousa crossed from the left and Luís Semedo was pushed from behind near the small box line. sadness! The conversion of the maximum sentence was assumed by the shirt 9 Luis Semedowho deceived Francisco Lemos and wrote the 1-0 at Camp n.º 1 of Campus Benfica.

Continuing to direct his football towards the Estorilista goal, the red collective extended the lead in the 24th minuteseconds after Pedro Santos saw Francisco Lemos deny him a goal. Luís Semedo’s line-up was already sure to make it 2-0 in the small area, concluding a quick combination with Zan Jevsenak, whose center court again found some opposition from the Canary keeper..

Luís Semedo scores from the penalty spot

With higher lines at the start of the second half, Estoril intended to disrupt Benfica’s construction and, with the ball, annoy the goalkeeper. Samuel SoaresWhat, return to competition after 11 weeks out due to injurystar of a series of successful interventions, the natural highlight being the penalty saved at 73′. Referee Flávio Duarte signaled a foul from Diogo Nascimento in the box, Volnei Feltes took the penalty, but Samuel Soares opposed the category and held it 2-0.

As the game draws to a close, Gerson Sousain counter-attack, scores 3-0 (84th), but the ball kicked by the winger went to kiss the post and escaped through the baseline. There was also the bad luck of Renato Matos who, following a physical problem, remained less than four minutes on the ground (he entered at 85 ‘).

In the 10th and final round of this phase of the League of Revelations, scheduled for April 2, Benfica will play SC Braga.

Benfica Campus (Pitch No. 1)
Benfica’s eleven
Samuel Soares, João Tomé (Rodrigo Matos, 89′), António Silva, Adrian Bajrami, Francisco Domingues, Zan Jevsenak, Diogo Nascimento, Pedro Santos (Renato Matos, 85′; Martim Ferreira, 89′), David Barrero, Gerson Sousa ( Tomás Azevedo, 85′) and Luis Semedo (Mauro Ribeiro, 76′)
Ricardo Ribeiro, Renato Matos (85′), Martim Ferreira (89′), Gabriel Araújo, Luís Montenegro, Tomás Azevedo (85′), Rodrigo Matos (89′) and Mauro Ribeiro (76′)
on break 2-0
Benfica goals
Luis Semedo (17′ gp, 24′)

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