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To contain the proliferation of Aedes aegity, the city of Santa Cruz, through the Ministry of Health (Sesa), will organize, on Saturday 19, another working group to fight against the mosquito. Initially, the activity was scheduled for this Saturday 12, but due to the instability of the weather and the accumulated rains, it was postponed. This scenario interferes with the collection of larvae. The action will take place in the neighborhood of Santa Vitória, from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The insect is responsible for transmitting diseases such as dengue, zika and chikungunya. It is estimated that 1,500 properties will be visited, including land, homes and commercial establishments. Visits to the properties will be made by couples who, upon entering the patios, will carry out a complete inspection of the premises, in order to detect the existence of mosquito epidemics. They will help residents with the clean-up, showing how to proceed with the elimination of possible breeding sites, outbreaks and garbage collection. And as usual, all residents will be educated on the necessary precautions to avoid potential breeding sites.

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According to health surveillance data, in February this year alone, 181 dengue fever cases were reported, nine of which were confirmed. 105 others have been dismissed and 67 are awaiting the result. Besides the neighborhood of Santa Vitória, the neighborhoods with the highest mosquito incidence are Centro, Esmeralda, Goiás, Santo Inácio, Pedreira and Avenida.

The inhabitants of the streets which will be covered by the operation can organize themselves and, early on Saturday morning, deposit the materials which can accumulate water and which will be collected in front of their house, such as cans, buckets, tires, tanks, etc. However, building materials such as tiles, boards and brick scraps will not be collected. The concentration to carry out the working group will be at the municipal school Harmonia.

Community health workers, endemic agents from Health Watch and Health Actions, soldiers from the 7th BIB, the Municipal Guard, the Traffic Inspectorate, the Military Brigade, Firefighters, and several secretariats municipalities will intervene.

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