Eight former PlayStation employees denounce harassment and discrimination

THE PlayStation received complaints of harassment and discrimination from eight other women. The company controlled by sony is now caught in a whirlwind and will have to give many explanations. The news has fallen GamesRadar+who obtained direct information about pleadings.

Harassment lawsuit against Sony intensifies (Image: Branden Skeli/Unsplash)

Sexist Culture Creates Harassment on PlayStation

Former and current employees corroborate the process on gender discrimination in the company. The lawsuit was filed in late 2021 by a former IT security analyst at sonyEmma Major.


The underlying theme of the former employee’s accusation is an almost systemic environment, concerning issues of gender disparity.

According to Emma’s statements published by the American portal, the company “tolerates and cultivates a discriminatory work environment against female employees”.

Despite the seriousness of this accusation, confronted, still according to the trial, the sony he also persecuted employees who complained about it.

At the exact time of her dismissal, the former IT security analyst said it was “shortly after she brought the gender pay gap to the company’s attention”.

New membership of eight former employees in action against Sony

In the individual trial, Emma had some difficulty in “proving” her accusations, which were always rejected by Japanese society.

With the new membership, the process gains consistency and can lead to results similar to those experienced by other gaming companies that maintained harmful environments for female employees.

The importance of this membership was described by the journalist, Stephen Totilo, in his coverage of the subject on the American portal axios:

“The new statements add to former IT security analyst Emma Majo’s assertion that PlayStation, like many other game companies, has a long history of hostile work culture towards women.”

Emma’s lawyer said that “Other women declined to talk about their experiences because they were ‘too afraid’ of retaliation from Sony.”

PlayStation Receives Harassment and Discrimination Complaints Like Activision Blizzard

THE sonyby PlayStation, is not the first video game company to be the subject of complaints of gender harassment. Biggest case to date It’s from Activision Blizzard which resulted in the death of a former employee.

These reprehensible behaviors are not specific to a market and take place in different work environments, but are now strongly denounced.

So-called “toxic” practices are no longer “jokes and bad taste” and have now entered the group of behaviors falling under harassment.

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