“Financial fair play? It was the work of this technical team and the players.

FC Porto have officially come out of UEFA Financial Fair Play restrictions and Sérgio Conceição commented on the good news of the day before saying he was “super happy” the club was in this state for the first time since taking over technical command in 2017/18.

“When I went to V. Guimarães the club was in a difficult period and I was struggling, at Sp. Braga formed a team with a number of players at zero cost and reached the final of the Spanish Cup. Portugal after 17 years and took 4th place in the championship. At FC Porto, I had the challenge of coming here and knowing that in a club with a fantastic historic weight, I was starting a difficult period”, began the coach, recalling and then emphasizing: “Our job was, in these difficulties, to give our best to win. The only gain is that millions come from UEFA and sales. So we were successful and got out of financial fair play. We were super happy. It was the work of this technical team and of all the players who have been there for these four years”, said the coach when asked about his role as a “miracle”, because in this difficult period the club had invested more than 500 million euros.

FC Porto welcomes Tondela this Sunday, from 6 p.m. Follow this match of the 26th day of the League BY THE MINUTE in more soccer.

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