Galaxy Watch 5: what we know about Samsung’s next smartwatch

This year, Samsung will launch another generation of its premium smartwatch which will be the Galaxy Watch 5. But so far few details about the device are known.

We have prepared a summary of the information available on the upcoming Galaxy Watch which is expected to hit the market during the hot month of August.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 with body temperature measurement

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, pictured, is available in Portugal from 249.90 euros

It is expected that in the height of summer, as usual, Samsung will unveil its next smartwatch which will already be the Galaxy Watch 5. There is still a little time left, and not much information has been released. until now.

But we already have some eye-catching details. One of them is that, for the first time, Samsung will be able to equip the device with sensors to detect body temperature.

Some models available on the market already offer this functionality, but the South Korean giant had not yet achieved the reliable technology it wanted. In fact, this type of sensors can perform an incorrect reading of body temperature, since they can be affected by the environment around them or by the practice of physical exercises.

Galaxy Buds earphones may also incorporate temperature measurement technology

But it looks like Samsung has finally managed to develop reliable technology that it can now integrate into the Galaxy Watch 5 to join the already predictable sensors for monitoring heart rate and blood oxygen levels.

Some sources even claim that the brand may not limit itself to integrating the functionality of measuring body temperature in its next smartwatch. Apparently, a new generation of Galaxy Buds earphones might come with this feature as well.

Sadly, no other specs for Samsung’s next smartwatch have yet been revealed, but most analysts say the model could arrive in mid-August to keep up with the company’s tradition of launching wearables around this time of year. the year.

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