Geekbench confirms much of what Apple’s new iPhone SE will bring

The great climax of last presentation Apple was undoubtedly the new iPhone SE. This new model brings many novelties that elevate it even more and now place it in a leading position.

Now that it is already in presale, the first performance tests appear. These also reveal some of the information that Apple hasn’t disclosed that many want to know. The most interesting is even the presence of 4 GB of RAM, but there is still something to know.

Apple Geekbench hardware for iPhone SE

What hardware does the iPhone SE have

When Apple showed the new iPhone SE, it was clear that this is a major update and it will change a lot on this smartphone. While its design has remained, many new hardware features are available to users.

The proof is now emerging with the first tests to appear in the famous Geekbench. O first result shows something that many have questioned for some time. We are talking about the presence of 4 GB of RAM, which puts it on the same level as the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 mini.

Apple Geekbench hardware for iPhone SE

Promising results on Geekbench

The results table shows that this new Apple smartphone scores 1695 points in the single-core tests, very close to the result of the iPhone 13. In the case of the multi-core tests, the score was 4021 points, a value slightly lower than other smartphones. on your mind.

To achieve these results, Apple has relied on the hardware present in this smartphone. We have the best the brand has in this area and therefore the presence of the A15 Bionic SoC is the guarantee of a lot of processing, which then brings other features.

There's more to the smartphone than hardware

Something that was also possible to see in the test found on Geekbench was the presence of the new iOS 15.4. This one should be released on the 18th, when Apple will also have the iPhone SE 2022 available in its stores.

In Portugal, this new iPhone SE will have a base price of €529.00, in the 64GB model, and can already be ordered in the online store of the Apple site.

iPhone SE (2022)

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