Google unveils new features coming to its messaging app

Many features are coming to Google Messages

THE google revealed several new features coming to the app posts in the next weeks. The updates improve compatibility when chatting with people on iOS, help separate personal and work messages, and provide alerts so you don’t forget your friends’ birthdays and other important messages.

The application uses a standard called RCS (Rich Communication Services) as a replacement for SMS and enables modern and secure conversations. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned when messaging friends using iMessage, but this update hopes to fix some of those issues. With the latest updates, you will receive real emojis from users of the iPhonemoreover, videos will no longer be blurry while downloading, because Google integrates Google Photos to download links, thus preserving the clarity of a video.

Google said that if these updates improve the experience, it’s necessary for Apple to do its part by joining the rest of the industry and adopting RCS. Google claims that by doing this, Apple will make conversations more engaging and secure, regardless of the device used.

Another change to the app is the introduction of Personal and Professional tabs to help you separate personal from professional. There will also be an option to automatically delete your one-time password messages after 24 hours to help keep your inbox clean. The search giant said these changes were initially rolled out in India and are now coming to the US, and everyone should get this update soon.


Finally, the Messages app displays two types of reminders. One that will remind you to wish your friends and family a happy birthday, and one that will remind you to reply to messages you may have missed or need to follow, so nothing important be overlooked.


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