“It was giant”. Did Vinícius surf the biggest wave in the world in Nazaré?

A new record for the biggest wave surfed in Nazaré may be in sight. Vinícius dos Santos, a 32-year-old Brazilian, received this week a study from oceanographer Douglas Nemes, a specialist in wave mechanics, who calculated that the wave surfed by “Vini” in Praia do Norte, on February 25, measured 29.68 meters. If confirmed, it will be the greatest of all time.

The current record, contrary to popular belief, is not held by Garrett McNamara, the Hawaiian giant wave surfer responsible for bringing Nazaré Canyon to the world. The biggest wave ever recorded, duly certified and registered in Guinness, was surfed by the Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa, in 2017, with a height of 24.38 meters. Among women, the record holder is also the Brazilian Maya Gabeira (22.4 meters, in 2020).

“Douglas is the greatest authority in Brazil for carrying out this type of study and measurement, and according to him, it was perhaps the biggest wave. But I say it sincerely. That day, when I went at sea, I didn’t think about breaking any record. Think about it. When I caught that wave, I immediately felt like it was the biggest wave of my life. But I didn’t I didn’t think about records. People watching that day also said it was the biggest wave of the morning. It was a giant thing,” Vinícius told DN, admitting to being a little scared after watching the video: “When you see it on video you have a different idea of ​​things. The images were shocking, I didn’t imagine it was so big. I jumped about three meters at the start of the wave. It never crossed my mind to break the record, if it happens it’s a blessing”.

Vinícius dos Santos is from Santa Catarina, Brazil and started surfing at an early age. “I’ve been surfing since I was three years old and when I was 12 I was already venturing into bigger waves with my father’s board, in Praia da Vila, Imbituba. I was inspired by surfers who were riding giant waves at the time, like Danilo Couto, Márcio Freire and Yuri Soledade. Riding giant waves quickly became a life goal,” he told DN.

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