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Pregnancy is a very special time for the mother, the developing baby and all those around her. Many changes occur during the nine months of pregnancy. During this period, preventive vaccination must be up to date to ensure the safety and health of the pregnancy.

According to Fernando Virgolino, coordinator of the vaccination section of the Municipality of João Pessoa (PMJP), during pregnancy women are more likely to be contaminated by infectious agents, since their immune system undergoes a series of changes during pregnancy. .

“The recommended thing is a health check as part of pregnancy planning, to assess rates, possible risks and, above all, to update vaccines. Where there has been no advance planning, women must take the dTpa, hepatitis B and influenza vaccine, which enters the vaccination schedule every year as a campaign and pregnant women are part of the priority group”, explained Fernando Virgolino.

Prevention – The hepatitis B vaccine is very important during pregnancy. In case of transmission of the disease in the perinatal period, close to birth, the child may develop a chronic infection of the liver. The indication is that the administration is started from the second trimester of the gestation period.

“If the pregnant woman already has the full vaccination schedule, there is no need for a new recall request. This immunization protects the mother from the disease and the baby from possible infection in the first weeks of life”, informed the coordinator.

Bacterial Triple (dTpa) is recommended in all pregnancies. It is indicated for the protection of pregnant women against diphtheria, tetanus, neonatal tetanus and against whooping cough. This vaccine allows the transfer of antibodies to the fetus, protecting mainly in the first months of life until it can be immunized.

The flu vaccine, on the other hand, is a campaign vaccine and pregnant and postpartum women are among the priority group. It protects the mother against the flu and its severe forms.

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