Razer announces Bluetooth microphone, audio mixer and lighting for streamers

Razer has already become one of the most well-known and popular companies for buying quality equipment, whether for everyday use, gamer or even for those who are already a streamer or want to become one.

Focusing on this category, the company has already announced new additions to its portfolio for Brazil, such as the Seiren BT, a high-quality bluetooth microphone, an audio mixer with several advantages and even an RGB lighting set that can be personalized to make life even more stylish.

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Razer Seiren BT is a lapel bluetooth microphone

Seiren BT

Razer’s newest microphone, Seiren BT, was launched with a focus on what the company calls Streamers IRL (In Real Life). That is, people who usually stream on the go, whether it’s showing locations or doing some kind of exercise or tutorial, among other things.

It is a lavalier microphone, and therefore allows free movement of the hands and without having to approach a microphone to speak. It has a 48kHz sample rate and a 6mm capsule that has an omnidirectional pickup. Siren BT weighs just 16.4 grams and, according to the company, has a battery life of up to 6 hours of continuous recording with the 140 mAh battery.

Its connection is via Bluetooth 5.0 and has a range of up to 10 meters. Latency is 20 milliseconds, and you can configure and manage microphone usage through the Razer Streaming app. This way you can control AI noise cancellation, gain, latency mode, etc.

Control all sounds with a quality audio mixer

razer audio mixer

The second product presented by the company is the Razer Audio Mixer, which allows the streamer to have greater control over the audio broadcast. It lets you make adjustments in the brand settings app, Razer Synapse, or even connect to multiple computers at the same time.

It has a 4-channel interface. One for the microphone and the other 3 for the apps. It also offers buttons to mute each channel individually and the Bleep button which censors inappropriate phrases.

It supports XLR pickups and preamps with adjustable gain ranging from -12dB to 39.7dB. The equipment also has an input and output P2 connection for analog audio, USB-C and also optical. The audio adjustment is also very complete and varied, which includes pitch and tempo, echo and reverb, voice change, audio processing effects, among others.

And to make the environment even more beautiful, it has customizable RGB lighting.

Custom professional lighting with Razer Key Light Chroma

Key Light Chroma Shaver

And the third product is something aimed at the aesthetics of the broadcast, leaving a more personalized environment. Key Light Chroma is a system with customizable RGB lighting via Wi-Fi connection.

The construction of the equipment is made of aluminum and has a support rod with claw that can be placed and fixed on the table or any type of surface with edge. It supports synchronization of up to 11 lights and all of this is done through the Razer Synapses app or Razer Streaming Mobile.

It is also possible to sync the lights with other products from the brand, such as the audio mixer itself, as they are compatible with Razer Chroma. The brightness goes up to 2800 lumens, it has an option to adjust the intensity from 0-100% and you can even configure the white light temperature in a range of 3000-7000K.

price and availability

Razer has already announced the new products, but they will only start selling here in Brazil from May and June this year 2022. The values ​​have already been revealed, being R$999.90 for the Razer Seiren BT, R$2,499.90 for the Razer Audio Mixer and R$2,999.90 for the Razer Key Light Chroma.

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