Samsung rolls out update after performance throttling controversy

This week, Samsung was in the global spotlight over the controversy over it deliberately throttled GPU/CPU performance for apps.

But now, the South Korean giant has just resolved the situation with the release of a new update.

Update available only in South Korea and for Galaxy S22 series units

Galaxy S22
Samsung has been criticized for the GOS service limiting the performance promised for the Galaxy S22 series

During this week, Samsung has been in the spotlight for undesirable reasons. It all happened after the news broke that the South Korean giant had deliberately throttled GPU/CPU performance while running apps.

After the controversy took hold, Samsung promised to analyze the situation and resolve it as soon as possible. The brand has just released an update that fixes exactly this problem. However, this update is currently only available in South Korea and for Galaxy S22 series units.

Regarding the availability of the update for other equipment and, above all, other regions of the world, Samsung has not provided any information.

Update eliminates performance limits and regulates terminal temperature

Galaxy S22
The Samsung Galaxy S22 is available in Portugal from 879.90 euros

According to the changelog of the new update, it manages to eliminate GPU/CPU performance limits, but also regulates the internal temperature of the device. On the other hand, it also provides an updated game performance management mode in Game Booster.

Apparently, from what we understand, with this update, Samsung not only removes the controversial limits, but also helps regulate the temperature of the Exynos 2200 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processors overheating in several tests performed.

Geekbench test showed that GOS limits performance

The whole controversial story started with the protests of several users who claimed that the Galaxy S22 did not deliver on the promises that Samsung announced in its presentation. Namely, in games, the model did not provide the refresh rate of 120 Hz.

This was due to the Game Optimization Service, or GOS, running in the background. Now Samsung has launched this service with the specific purpose of optimizing the performance of the terminal in games, improving battery life and preventing the terminal from overheating.

But it looks like the GOS did it in the worst way. According to tests conducted on the Geekbench platform, the Galaxy S22 offered only 53.9% of the performance claimed by Samsung when the GOS was running in the background.

Later, it was also known that the GOS does not only affect gaming applications, and YouTube and Microsoft Office will also be affected.

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