Sérgio Conceição: “An apology? From now on I won’t accept anything.” – FC Porto

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FC Porto coach regrets the outcome of the case with Francisco Seixas da Costa and says he was ready to close the case if there had been an apology today

The first session of the trial of former ambassador Francisco Seixas da Costa, for alleged defamation of coach Sérgio Conceição, due to a tweet published two years ago in which the diplomat called Porto coach javardo, took place this afternoon at the Porto Criminal Court (Court of Bolhão) after all attempts by the court to reach an agreement have been exhausted, already in the courtroom. The hearing included the testimonies of Seixas da Costa and Sergio Conceição. After the session, the Porto coach regretted that it had not been possible to agree and stressed that he was ready to ‘bury the hatchet’. “When people make a mistake, when they admit that mistake, it doesn’t hurt to apologize. Apologize and things are resolved. But even then people don’t have the manhood to admit the mistake. Don’t let this happen. Do you accept excuses if they exist? Let’s see, from now on I won’t accept anything. But I prepared myself for this, of course,” Conceição said. to reporters as she left the Bolhão Criminal Court in Harbour.


Failure of the agreement to avoid the trial of the ex-governor for defamation of Sérgio Conceição

The next session is scheduled for April 1 with cross-examination of prosecution witnesses.

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