Startup reveals rover that will be used to transport astronauts to the Moon

After awarding SpaceX a contract to develop equipment needed for humanity’s return to the Moon, NASA is now seeking other private companies to create a rover that will be used in this Artemis program mission.

One such private company is Astrolab, a Californian startup developing the rover. Flexible Logistics and Exploration (FLEX) and which will allow the astronauts to move around on board the vehicle. The FLEX has semi-autonomous driving capabilities and can also be piloted remotely.

It was to test the FLEX that Astrolab enlisted the help of astronaut Chris Hadfield, who took the rover for a short “drive” in the California desert known as Death Valley. “It was not only a joy to drive the FLEX, it was also a joy to see its size, its capabilities and to get an intuitive sense of what this rover is capable of,” Hadfield noted.

You can see a short video below with Hadfield talking about FLEX and, in the gallery above, some images of this rover that could be used to explore the Moon.

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