This week, Space Look discusses the effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

This Week's Space Look Discusses Invasion Impacts

This Friday (11), Olhar Espacial will address the most prominent topic in the world media in recent days: the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The consequences of this geopolitical struggle in the relations of scientific cooperation and space activities with Russian participation will be discussed.

The program will address the effects already announced, such as the series of economic sanctions applied by the member states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and the effects that may still occur, in particular with regard to the international space. station (ISS). ), built and maintained by a consortium of 15 countries, of which the United States and Russia are the principal members.

Besides the future of the orbital laboratory in this scenario, the show will also discuss how the crisis has led to the cancellation of flights, the suspension of commercial agreements with Russia, a new postponement of the European mission to Mars Exomars, an exchange of beards on Twitter, banning a future mission to Venus, and even shutting down a space telescope is fully operational.

Olhar Espacial, 11, welcomes vice-champion scientist Ned Oliveira on Friday. Picture: Facebook version

To talk about this topic, Olhar Espacial will welcome the content creator and podcast producer Ciência sem Fim, Ned Oliveira, a scientific interviewer focused on spreading his knowledge of astronomy and astronautics to all audiences and all ages.

Presented by Marcelo Zurita, President of the Paraíba Society of Astronomy – APA; Member of SAB – Brazilian Astronomical Society. Technical Director of Bramon – Brazilian Meteor Observation Network – and regional coordinator (northeast) of Asteroid Day in Brazil, Olhar Espícial broadcasts live, every Friday at 9 p.m., through the vehicle’s official channels on YouTube , Facebook, Instagram and TwitterLinkedin and TikTok.

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