7 years later, the Fairphone 2 receives the Android 10 update

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Fairphone 2 gets another major update 7 years after its release

Released in December 2015 with Android 5.1, the fairphone 2 has now officially received the update to the Android 10. And that may seem like a lie, or a one-off situation, and thankfully it’s not.

The truth is that the company has released several security updates for its equipment over the past 7 years, however, major updates do not always arrive on time. For example, in August 2020, the Fairphone 2 received the update to Android 9.

Unfortunately, this will be the last major update for this smartphone, and that’s because the Qualcommthe company that provides your SOC, no longer provides drivers for it, and therefore it is absolutely impossible for the company to make Android 11, or Android 12, available for the Fairphone 2.

Even so, 7 years later, still having a device receiving updates is commendable for Fairphone.

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