Ford will deliver cars with missing chips to fulfill orders

The lack of chips has caused problems in several areas of the industry. Automakers have been a major target, with deliveries increasingly delayed. Ford seems to have taken steps to circumvent this problem.

From what is to be revealed, Ford will now ship its cars to customers with missing chips to fulfill orders. This way alleviates your problem.

Ford Chip Car Customers Problem

Ford's decision seems to be purely practical, in order to satisfy many of its customers who are waiting for deliveries. In the past, the brand had taken the option of sending its cars partially finished and impossible to drive.

This led to its dealerships filling up and deliveries slowing down. The option now is to leave out the essentials and leave out the chips that control HVAC systems and other non-essentials.

Naturally, the missing elements will not remain in this incomplete state indefinitely. Ford is committed to shipping the chips within a maximum of one year, to then be fitted into customers' cars in the brand's showrooms.

This could be a global decision, but there is no information on which models are affected or which systems will be affected by this decision. Ford will surely soon give more information to its customers about this change.

Ford Chip Car Customers Problem

With this simple change, even at the expense of customers, Ford is able to free up space in its fleets. At the same time, it gives its customers access to the cars they have been waiting for for several months, and of which only a few components are missing.

THE decision from Ford does not leak what other brands have done before, to solve this same problem. Tesla has already shipped its cars without USB ports and others have done the same, to make up for the lack of chips, which is slow to resolve.

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