Galaxy Watch 5 may bring a thermometer to help detect Covid-19 | smart watches

The Galaxy Watch 5, the new generation of connected watches from Samsung, can be equipped with a sensor that functions as a thermometer. One of the purposes of this would be to help the user detect fever, which is one of the first symptoms of Covid-19. The information is based on a possible official monitoring report published by the news site. ETNews.

According to the portal, the heat measurement feature could also help identify other infectious diseases and even track ovulation cycles. All this by detecting changes in the customer’s body temperature. The report indicates that the samsungg developed measurement technology that would not be affected by sunlight or other heat sources.

The Galaxy Watch 4 family offers models of different sizes and proposals — Photo: Disclosure/Samsung

The text also indicates that the Korean manufacturer could use this same functionality in its next helmet in the range. galaxy buds, which is still a prototype. In this case, the accessory would be able to detect “infrared wavelengths” emitted by the ear to measure temperature, according to the publication.

The product does not have a release date, but the Galaxy Watch 5 tends to release in August 2022, the same period as the official announcement of the Galaxy Watch 4, Last year. It should be noted that with the official announcement date still a long way off, any reference to the watch, at this time, should be treated as speculation.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is one of the models available — Photo: TechTudo

O Galaxy Watch 4 arrived in August 2021 with an electrocardiogram sensor as one of its main novelties in the field of health. The device is available with Super screen AMOLED 1.2 or 1.4 inches, plus 1.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. It arrived in Brazil with a suggested price of R$1,999, but can be purchased on Amazon from R$ 1,359.

with information from Android Authority and GSM Arena

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