Google’s Stadia will soon support Windows games

Apparently the google found a solution to run Windows games on its own Stadia cloud gaming platform. The company plans to detail the use of the Windows “Emulator” for Linux at the Google for Games Developer Summit, to be held on March 15 next week.

Windows games running on Google Stadia coming soon

A Reddit user (Via: Gizchina) saw a summit session detailing “how to write a Windows emulator for Linux from scratch”. The session will be moderated by Marcin Undak from Google’s Stadia Porting Platform team and will provide a “detailed overview of the technology behind Google’s solution for running unmodified Windows games on Stadia”.

Apparently, Google has built its own Windows emulator for Linux to help developers port games to the service without having to modify the game for Linux. But how do you write a Windows emulator for Linux from scratch?

“A detailed look at the technology behind Google’s solution for running unmodified Windows games on Stadia. This is an in-depth technical overview of some of the key concepts aimed at giving curious programmers a better understanding of these technologies and possibly create their own.

Stadia can count on more games in the future

This news could open the door for more games coming to Stadia in the future. When Google launched Stadia three years ago, the service’s server hardware ran Linux. In other words, game developers needed to port their games to Stadia. Google has partnered with Unreal and Unity. But there is still more work for developers to bring their games to Stadia.


Now it looks like Google has found a solution to eliminate these tasks and allow Windows games to run unmodified on Stadia. Google’s approach works through an emulator. But it’s more likely that the company has built a compatibility layer capable of running Windows apps without needing to emulate directly.

modified games

Valve has created its own Proton compatibility layer. It allows Windows games to run on Linux using a modified version of Wine. Google may not be the only company trying to bring unmodified Windows games to the game streaming service.

Gizchina recalls that Amazon’s Luna game streaming service is currently powered by Windows. But the company struggles to hire developers with Proton experience. Google’s plans are still unclear.

So we should hear more about your Windows games on Stadia next week. Once again, the Google for Games Developer Summit begins on March 15.

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