how to identify if i may be allergic to a food or medicine

allergic are reactions that occur in the human body when exposed to a substance that causes irritability. Not all people face this problem, however, many experience reactions in their body when consuming medicine or food and have not yet discovered that they have an intolerance to these compounds.

How to identify an allergy

To identify an allergy, all you have to do is observe. When a patient is allergic to certain foods or drugs, the first symptoms that usually appear are difficulty breathing, wheezing when breathing, airway obstruction, and tingling in the mouth, especially near the entrance of the throat. In more severe cases, complete closure of the breath may occur.

So, if you feel that when you ingest any food or medicine you experience some of these symptoms, it is essential that you seek medical attention so that your case is investigated. Allergies can develop and lead to serious consequences if left untreated.

When an allergy is diagnosed, it is important to take symptom control treatment and always carry allergy medication with you. But, if an allergic reaction occurs in you, in the absence of this medicine, always seek help.

An allergic reaction can lead to death

Allergy, when not identified and treated, can lead to death. The main symptom that an allergic person presents to the factor that causes the allergy is related to breathing. A severe case of food or drug intolerance can completely stop the patient’s breathing.

There are several possibilities of an allergic reaction, but the main sources of allergy can be drugs, such as dipyrone and paracetamol; and foods like pineapples, chestnuts, peanuts, chocolates, and seafood in general.

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