Image editing in WhatsApp gains new tools

Today’s most famous messaging app has released a new pack of changes. This time the WhatsApp decided to innovate the image editing tool in its beta version (focused on testing). The news was confirmed and disclosed by the site specializing in the theme WABetaInfo.

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As with other recent updates, once again WhatsApp seems to be listening to its users. One of the novelties promises to bring more user-friendliness to the functionality in the messenger, as it will be possible to blur items.

WhatsApp updates image editing feature and enables blurring

In-service testers have reported that the application now allows elements of an image to be blurred. This novelty is highly requested and expected, as it allows certain information present in the media to be kept confidential. License plates, faces, secret numbers, passwords and many other data can thus be omitted.

The news, however, does not end there. According to WABetaInfo, users will have new brushes to edit images. Thus, it will be possible to give free rein to his creativity when drawing on the file.

When will the new editing feature be rolling out?

There is no specific date for the novelty to be implemented in the official version of the application. However, after a new feature openly enters the testing phase, it should soon reach all WhatsApp users.

For some time now, the platform has been releasing changes to its media files and associated tools. The internal photography feature itself received updates in the beta, in addition to various changes to the audio receiving and sending devices.

The most interesting thing is that most of these innovations follow the suggestions given by the community. More than that, there is a demand for improved photo and image functionality in the messenger. After all, the use of the smartphone’s native camera application remains the most used, even in WhatsApp conversations.

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